3D rendering for pre-existing book covers!

Have you ever wanted a 3D rendering of your book, but don’t want to spend a ton of money? I am here to help! I offer 3D rendering’s of your pre-existing covers for only $25.¬†Fill out my contact form or send me an email at creativebookconcepts@gmail.com to get in touch!3D Unbroken Cover


Attention self-published authors, I am here to help

Independent authors are a unique breed of person. Without a doubt, authors being provided with the amount of independence that we see today with publishing platforms such as amazon, smashwords, createspace, and authorpress is the reason ebooks are currently out selling every other form of book.

Being an author and being independent allows the author to do just that; maintain independence.

Generally speaking, authors who utilize the above mentioned publishing platforms focus (rightfully so) on writing and not on the presentation and or marketing of their new release.

As an independent author a fan base is developed which is typically extremely loyal to the author. These fans generally purchase the author’s new published books without so much as reading the. Having this level of loyalty ensures immediate book sales but does nothing to promote or evoke new book sales.

It is undisputed and attractive, eye-catching or dramatic book covers will attract more new customers to an independent author’s work.

New customers? After all isn’t that what you’re after?

Do not assume because your backs against the wall, attempting to meet an almost impossible self-imposed deadline that a custom ebook cover is out of the question.

Email me on the day of release and I can potentially have a custom ebook cover prepared for you that afternoon.

My primary focus is to sell your books, not create book covers. My creation of book covers that are second to none will solidify my relationship with the authors who choose to use my services.